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Astrar io has may fans all over the world. You will find players with Russian nicks, with English nicks, and different hieroglyphs. It is easy to explain the game’s popularity. The game has a space topic; there is a tense rivalry, it is important to be a skilful pilot. So, it is possible to enjoy the game for many hours.

How to play

When you enter Astrar io, you go to a green zone. Ere, the players can’t fight, and you may upgrade your abilities as much as you like. Knock the mass out of the planets and other players to upgrade your level. Pick the mass to upgrade your ship’s appearance and properties.

Those who have been there for a long time ad have upgraded their ship a lot, are eager to make the game more exciting. So, they intentionally share their mass with other players, in order to fight with somebody. You can see a big ship throwing around some golden circles. Come closer, maybe, you will also receive some mass.

You can always find Top players on the map; they are wandering around in a green zone. You may press Enter, open the chat and ask them: “Give some mass, please”. They are always ready to share the mass. Sometimes this mass is enough to make a full upgrade of the ship. If you have one million of mass, don’t be greedy, share with the others. Give about one hundred thousand of mass to those who need it. Don’t waste your time o red and yellow planets. It’s better to work with the green ones. If a blue planet appears nearby, go there as fast as possible.

Planets of different colors give a different volume of resources.

  • Grey planets are empty
  • Yellow planets give few resources
  • Red planets give more resources than yellow ones
  • Green planets give more resources than red planets and yellow planets together
  • Blue planets give a huge amount of resources


  • Corps and canons of the ship have a separate control. Soon, you will get used to it.
  • Use WASD to move the ship
  • Use a mouse to aim and to shoot from the cannon
  • Use Space to speed up
  • Use E to throw away the mass
  • Make a right click to use a special ability

ATTENTION: Most ships in Astrar io have special abilities, but some ships don’t have them. Some ships must buy special abilities. When you speed up outside the green zone, you lose your health.