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Blobber io description

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Blobber io is a variant of Agario game. We collect dots and spit out the mass. At the first sight, it seems that there is nothing new. However, in reality the game is quite interesting. There are different type of characters and boosters.Different characters have different abilities.

How to play

Mechanics of the game is similar to Agario, but there are special abilities and boosters. Special ability is chosen in the current game, and the booster is active in the next game.

Special abilities

SplitterYou may divide yourself, the ability by default
PusherPushes away other players within a radius
InvisibleIt is possible to become invisible
SpeedoIt is possible to speed up
SlashPlayers within a radius lose their mass
SlowerВ радиусе замедляет игроков
TeleportTeleportation to the random sector
MagnetoSticks the players within a radius


Red shield
It makes invulnerable
Snow flake
It freezes the players within a radius
The speed increases three times
It slows down the players within a radius
It sticks the players within a radius
The players within a radius throw out their mass automatically
At the moment, this booster is not developed
A random booster
The mass is increased twice immediately


  • To move, use the mouse
  • To use a special ability, press the Space
  • To spit out the mass, use E