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Game aliases:  brutal brutez brutesio brutalio bruts description — Play for free at

Bruser is = fascinating Slain io + nice graphics and maps just like in Worms 3D. Right now the game is in beta version, but you still can play it. Click Play button and rush into the wild world of brutal creatures!

How to play

First of all, wait patiently till the game ends loading. First time it make take 3-5 minutes, but be sute it worth waiting.

Your goal is to become that Brutes amigo, the biggest and the strongest one. You've got to be ready to fight a lot to reach the goal. When you fight with an opponent you'll notice two bars above the head: red one stays for HP, second the knockdown. When yellow bar reaches it's maximum, you can't find anymore and need to take a break. At this time you become very vulnerable, so be careful if you see yellow bar is about to reach the maximum, take time out, rest a bit and go fighting again!

You can fulfill HP with balls dropped by enemies. These are HP and rating points in one. For killed enemy you'll receive 1000 points that can be used to upgrade and get biggger.


Moving: WASD
Kick: by mouse click
Hard kick: keep mouse button pressed for some time

Tips & Trickcs

  • While you're small and fast you can keep "farming" near a TOP-player, when your "sponsor" kill someone you can collect some bonus balls. The main problem is that you can be killed easily by that guy as well.
  • Never forget about the yellow bar, don't wait until it reach the maximum
  • Better to have teammate, together you're more likely to kill the TOP-player: firstly one fights the enemy, then another one.
  • While holding a bomb it can't be dropped off, means it will explode in you arms. If someone kills you he gets your bomb or rocket. So you could take a bomb under the TOP-player, after explosion he will probably be knocked down, use this moment to finish the guy off.