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Bumpballs io description

Bumpballs io — Play for free at Titotu.io

Bumpballs io is a game for those who have a good feeling of balance. Try to stay on the map as long as possible and push other players behind the map’s borders. The more time you spend on the map, the more coins you get. When you get a lot of coins, your balls becomes big and heavy. When you are big and heavy, it is difficult for other players to push you behind the map’s borders. But, still, there are two ways of playing. You can push other players over the map’s borders or ignore them, accumulate coins and grow the biggest ball.

How to play

The main aim in Bumpball io is to survive. Another aim is to increase the level, accumulating coins and pushing other players. When you increase your level, you become less vulnerable. But, still, you must be careful, because you can fall down occasionally. If you become a King of the Hill, all your enemies will try to push you away. If you push away the players of a higher level, you receive any scores. So, the main aim is to become the King of Bumpball io. When you conquer the leader’s crown, the game becomes really exciting.


  • The sphere follows the cursor
  • Click the mouse to make a leap forward