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Elementar.io description

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Elementar io is a game for gaining the mass. The game is a combination of Agario and a shooter. Like in all io games, the rules are really simple. However, there are some peculiarities that make the game different from other io games. For example, there is a profound system of upgrading different elements: Ice, Fire and Earth. The game is quite young, so there are few players at the moment. However, it is really interesting and has a promising future. Io fans will play this game with great pleasure. You will always find somebody to battle with, for example, with the Super Boss! Later, you will know the details.

How to play

Use must fly over the map and collect dots of the mass. For this, you receive levels and a chance to upgrade your properties appearing in the upper part of the screen. Moreover, you may knock the mass out of bots (Corrupted Element) and other players. If you just hit a strong corruptive element, the mass will fall out of him. When the enemy is defeated, you can eat his mass. But don’t be in a hurry, otherwise you may run into his dead body that is disappearing slowly.

When you pass some levels, you are offered to use various improvements. Attention: a big yellow square on the mini map denotes the Top player. Be careful with him. A blue square is the Super Boss; you can fight with him and even win. Te details are mentioned below.

When you fight with corrupted elements, you will see they can make a triple shot. A Super Boss also has this ability. If you go turn around these corrupted elements, it is possible to escape from the bullets. It is simply to find the orbit that will afford you to shoot at the boss and to escape from his bullets.

Speed is a very important factor in Elementar io. For example, it will help you to escape from the Top player. So, don’t hesitate to invest into the speed!


  • Use WASD to move your element
  • Make a click to shoot