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Feedy.io description

Feedy.io — Play for free at Titotu.io

Feedy io is a grandson of Agar io. It is not very popular io game, but, still, it has two peculiar features. These are options “The Bomb” and the “Feeding”. Use “The Bomb” to throw a bomb at the enemy. Use “Feeding” to become big immediately and to absorb the enemy. These are the main advantaged of the game. The game is translated into many languages, including Russian. The original name of the game is “Feed me”.

How to play

The main aim is to grow the biggest and the fattest cell. To do this, collect colored dots of the mass and absorb smaller players. Be careful: there are circles with prickly edges. If you absorb a prickly circle, your cell with be broken in two smaller cells, and the enemy will kill you easily.

When you become bigger, you slow down, and it is impossible to catch smaller enemies. In this case, use the option “Feeding” to divide your cell in two halves. Then, one half will speed up and absorb smaller enemies. Afterwards, both halves will join again.

There are two options that are available for the gold. To use them, register in the game. When you use these options, they are reloaded again. The options “Feeding” and “Bomb” cost some money. When you throw the bomb at the enemy, it has the same effect as if he would run into a prickly circle. Use “Feeding”, to become bigger and absorb the enemy.


  • The cell follows the cursor
  • E to spit out the mass
  • A to become bigger
  • D to throw the bomb