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Flagrush.io description

Flagrush.io — Play for free at Titotu.io

Flagrush io is the capture of the flag. Every player is given a space shuttle. You must either capture the flag and drag it to your base, or protect your flag from the enemies. So, the game is similar to Darknova io. Control is quite unusual, design is simple. In general, it is a nice game.

How to play

The aim in Flagrush io depends on the side you are playing for. You will either protect your flag from the enemies, or, vice versa, drag it to your base. When the round is over, the card is reloaded, and the players are distributed randomly in two teams again.

If you stay for 10 seconds on a square with the flag, the flag is yours. Then you should carry it home. But, if your partners don’t help you, you won’t be able to win. Playing in the team is very important.

Your speed increases when you pick the boosters, or small pieces of rockets with the fuel. They can be found in different places of the map. Maximal volume of boosters gives you a maximal speed and an opportunity to speed up. Speed is the most important aspect of the Flagrush io.


  • Use Space + the mouse to move
  • Make a left click to shoot
  • Make a right click to speed up