Game aliases:  glorio glr io glrio golr io glore io description — Play for free at

Glor io is a brand new io strategy with resources mining and building a settlement (or castle). Yep, the game looks familiar, it looks like Moomoo io, but there're major differences. First of all Glor io has improved smooth and high quality graphics, second — helper units. Helpers are units that can help you with gathering resources, defending your settlement or fighting the enemies.

Rules are simple as always in io games. You've got to gather resources, build a settlement and towers. Rating depends on gold you've got. Tower give gold by time. All buildings available are describe below.

How to play

First of all you need resource, look for trees for wood, mines for stones and wild animals for food. To get food you can catch a chicken (or collect eggs), kill pigs, wolves or bears. But be careful wolves and bears will attack you as well. Also you may grow carrots on a bed and fulfill your stocks with food permanently.

  • egg - 3 food
  • carrot & chicken - 5 food
  • pig & wolf - 7 food
  • bear - 150 food (!)

Buy peasants, guards and mercenaries for help. Be aware of wild animals and enemies.

Build tower to gather gold, gold affects you rating and user as a resource to buy premium staff as like black wolf or mannequin. Killing an enemy gives 25% of his resources including gold.

How to ride a pig?

Глорио / Glor io - How to ride a pig?

Pigs are not only source of meat, but you may also ride them. To ride a pig you need to find a special one with a seat. Come over and you're on a pig! After your death pig does not respawn.

How to ride a wolf?

Глорио / Glor io - How to get and ride a wolf?

You can ride only black wolves, but it's a premium buy. Rather expensive, costs 1000 food and 10000 gold.


Wooden wall
Simple wall to defend your settlement
25 wood
limit 50

Stone wall
Advanced durable wall
50 stones
limit 50

Opens only for you and members of your team. Peasants and guardians can not open the door.

25 wood
50 stones
limit 6
Help with gathering resources
12 food
limit 2
Build beds to grow extra food (carrots)
20 food
limit 5

Defend an area there placed in
40 food
limit 3
Follow you and help you with anything
15 food
limit 3

Stone of Life
Resurrects you after you death, make sure it is in a safe place
50 food
100 золота

Produces gold over time
40 wood
40 stones

Train yourself and your guards & merceries
100 food
500 gold


Moving: WASD or arrows
View and direction: by mouse
Building selection: click on an item or user hot keys 1-9
Attack / gather: by left click