Impery ml

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Game aliases:  impery io

Impery ml description

Impery ml — Play for free at Titotu.io

Impery.ml is simple multiplayer strategy with gameplay similar to Generals.io and Bellum.io. You will have to construct buildings that bring you money points or keep them, and also building for defense purposes. All you buildings for your own private Empire.

How to Play

Impery ml

If you've ever player card strategy board games it'll be easier to cope with the Impery.ml rules.

There're 3 types of buildings:

  • ones that give points
  • ones keeping points
  • defense buildings

Income buildings let you get points per time.

Castle saves 100000 points. The one who captures the Castle gets instantly 100000 points of income. Be careful and don't let opponents to even get near to your Castle. You can build new building only near to existing one. Once you have more than 100K points, buildings stop generating points. When this limit is reached, create castle and take care of it. As soon as you need points, replace it with another building.

The purpose of Magic buildings is to defend you settlement. The one who destroy the Magic-square loses all points. Destroy the Magic-square itself by building a factory nearby and dropping a bomb on it.

Also while playing Impery.ml don't forget about other players, attack them and try to team if required.


Impery ml Tree
build for income
Cost: 100
Income: 1
Max: -
Impery ml Village House
build for income
Cost: 500
Income: 5
Max: 50
Impery ml City Shop
build for income
Cost: 1000
Income: 10
Max: 50
Impery ml Tower
build for income
Cost: 5000
Income: 50
Max: 50
Impery ml Factory
build for income
Cost: 10000
Income: 100
Max: 50
Impery ml Magic
the one who destroys Magic-square loses all points
Cost: 10000
Max: 200

Impery ml Castle
saves 100000 points, when destroyed brings 100000 points to attacker
Cost: 100000
Impery ml Air Bomb
allows destroying buildings remotely, excluding Macic-squares and Castle
Cost: 10000


  • Return home: H
  • Bring mouse over a building and press N to get the owner info


Got it!

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