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Game aliases:  Infinitrisio

Infinitris io description

Infinitris io — Play for free at Titotu.io

When you look at Infinitris io, you understand that the appearance of this game in the io world is inevitable. The Infinitris has nice graphics. There are some extra rules that differ from the rules of classical Tetris. Moreover, there are several game modes.

How to play

The aim is to earn more points than your opponents do. To do this, you must combine figures in order not to leave empty spaces. If an empty space remains after your move, and it is impossible to put anything there, all your scores will be lost.

During the game, every player builds a wall of his own blocks. If the whole line is filled with the bricks, the line disappears. The gamer who owns the majority of bricks in this line, receives scores. Also, some percentage of scores is given to the player who has put the last brick into this line. When somebody builds a tower to the three upper cells, the game field is cleared up, and the results are saved.

It comes that it is not profitable to disturb other player because you are likely to make a mistake. It is better to concentrate on your own results!


  • Left and right keys, to move the block
  • Up key to rotate the block
  • Down key to accelerate the block
  • Space to put the block quickly


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