Krunker io

Game aliases:  krunkerio strike io

Krunker io description

Krunker io — Play for free at

Krunker io is first person io 3D shooter. The most significant thing about this game is that it's released by Sidney de Vries, developer of exiting Moo moo io and Foes io.

How to Play

The goal of the Krunker io is just the same as for all similar games. You keep fighting till the end of the round. The one who has maximum points by the end wins. Game contains AI bots that are quite strong, be careful and try to avoid them. Let other fight with them.

Gray boxes are ammo. Get close and press R to reload the gun.

Krunker io Controls

  • Move with WASD
  • Reload with R
  • Click to shoot, use mouse to aim
  • Space to jump
  • Shift to crouch