Bellum io: Legacy

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Bellum io: Legacy description

Bellum io: Legacy — Play for free at Titotu.io

Bellum io Legacy continues the popular Bellum io series and introduces updated game algorithm. Less lags more players and conquests!

How to Play

The main goal of Bellum io Legacy is to win the battle. The battle lasts for about 30 minutes and during this time you've got to occupy as many Bases as possible and to kill as many players as possible by taking control over all their Bases. Military power (MP) is a kind of resource collected with time and used to fight enemies and to build new Bases.

Bellum io

After getting an army you'll receive MP automatically. At the beginning you'll have to click big green button that adds you +X MP points for a click. X multiplier will grow as you conquer new Bases. Maximum value for X is +400 points for a click.

On the right side you have a troops menu. Each unit increases X multiplier. U can have maximum 10 unit of each type. To increase this limit you've for to get control over new Bases. Each Base adds +5 to units' limit, but the price for each one also gets higher (+5). There're 2 criteria to define a winner of the game:

  1. the one who has built most Bases and gets maximum MP
  2. the one who takes over most Bases

The battle in the Bellum io: Legacy is expensive. Defending a Base costs a lot, attacking costs twice more. So winning tactics is not to attack taken Bases, but to find neutral ones and take control over them. If you want to go straight and attack an enemy then getting control over a tile will cost you 150MP (75MP for killing enemies + 75MP for taking under your control). If you increased tile defense up to 64k MP, then enemy will have to pay 128k MP to get you out of the tile. Hints will tell you cost of the tiles. While others fight for tiles spending resources, it's better to get neutral bases under your control.

At the top left corner you may see your rating and time, at the bottom left - chat window. You can team with other players or communicate privately.

Bellum io: Legacy Controls

  • Click to occupy a tile
  • Scrool to zoom in\out


Got it!

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