Mechs io

That was a good game, but unfortunately no longer available :(

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Game aliases:  Mechsio

Mechs io description

Mechs io — Play for free at Titotu.io

Robots play the first roles in Mechs io game. Gather resources to become the most powerful and strongest mechanic bot on the map.

How to Play

Your main goal in the Mechs io game is to become the strongest bot in the game. You've got to grab resources. You can do it in two ways: with your body or by shooting into them.

Rectangular items are picked with no problems. While round ones and ones that look like little factories explode when picked up and deal some damage to you, so it's better to shoot them. Click UPGRADE button to see 3 upgrade options for your bot. As soon as you have enough resources for upgrade the upgrade button becomes active.

Don't cross the red line. It's an instant death without exceptions.

Mechs io Controls

  • WASD to move
  • Click to shoot


Got it!

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