Quek io

Game aliases:  kuek io queq io

Quek io description

Quek io — Play for free at Titotu.io

Quek io is a moomoo styled game, it's not ready yet, but has high potential. If you love games with resources and buildings like Moo moo io then you at least should look at this game. We hope this io game will be competitive comparing to the other io games of this genre.

How to Play Quek io

Goal of the game is to have as many points as possible. If you got to the top means you've already won the game at least once. Next step is to keep this rank 1.

Unlike Moo moo io or Takemine io you don't get resources with a single hit. You should destroy an item completely to get a unit of resource, e.g. you should destroy a tree to get 1 unit of wood and etc. There're available such resources as wood, stone, gems and gold. Right now there's nothing to do with them, but the game updates quickly, so there'll be some buildings soon.

Quek io inventory

Inventory contains at least 3 types of tools and weapons:
  • sword - suitable for fighting
  • ax - more suitable for trees
  • pickaxe - better for minerals like stone, gems and gold

Each item is effective for a certain type of resources/actions.

Quek io Controls

  • mouse, WASD or arrow keys to move
  • click to attack/gather
  • 1-9 inventory shortkeys