Scribble Party

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Game aliases:  scribble io

Scribble Party description

Scribble Party — Play for free at Titotu.io

Scribble Party is a word guessing io game. There're a lot of similar games, but maybe you'll like exactly this one. It's simple and funny. You can either join an existing room or create a new room and invite friends.

How to Play Scribble io

The gameplay is the same for such type of games. Every turn one of players draws given word and others try to guess. In case you draw a word you'll get points for every player who've guessed the word. Players who got the correct answer also get score points.

Key difference of Scribble Party from similar games is that you can create a category and add words to guess yourself. This can be a kind of useful, especially if you play with friends and modify rules as you want. Go to "Add category" tab, add words and approve you're not a bot (of course if you're, if not ask a human to check the checkbox).

After pressing "Play" button you've got two options: to join a room or create a new one. When you create a new one you can select categories that will be used during the game and maximum number of players to join the room. If you play with friends create a new room. Good luck!


I had to disable adblock to get it to work
Alex Gratzl February 12, 2018 at 22:15 0
the game doesn't have adblock detecting code, works absolutely fine for me
Got it!

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