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Shocked io is a test where you should try to survive as long as possible. But don’t even think about the victory. However, the result of your achievement is written down into the Leaders’ board for some time. You must stand on a platform and hit the balls flying to you. When the balls touch your platform, they launch a shock reaction, and you get electrocuted. If you want to be the leader, you must be smart and agile. Also, a good intuition is needed.

How to play

The aim of Shocked io is to receive as many score points as possible when you are alive. You have 5 lives only. When you get electrocuted, you lose a life. You get electrocuted, when the balls flying from the sky touch your platform. The problem has two solutions. You may jump and land when the platform stops shaking. Also, you may send the ball in a far away direction. When you hit the balls, you receive scores.

It is a game for endurance and intelligence. Soon, you will understand that it is not right to jump from one platform to another one, looking for the balls. It is dangerous, and you won’t receive many scores. Instead of chasing all the balls, concentrate on the balls that are flying to your platform. The balls are flying randomly. Sometimes there are many balls, and sometimes there are few of them. However, a pause won’t be long. If you jump to other platforms, you may lose a couple of lives.


Move using the cursor