Sky of Dragons io

Game aliases:  skyofdragons io skydragons io sky dragons io

Sky of Dragons io description

Sky of Dragons io — Play for free at

Sky of Dragons io is a brand new io game. Play for the dragon and get rating points to grow it bigger.

How to play

Kill other dragons and/or crows to grow your dragon and earn experience points. Use your points to improve your stats and become the ruler of the skies.

You have 4 characteristics to update:

  • Energy (increases mana capacity and restoration speed + increases damage)
  • Stamina (increases max HP and regeneration rate + sprinting for longer time)
  • Agility (moves and shoots faster)
  • Strength (increases shooting range + damage absorption)

Sky of Dragons io Controls

  • AD to turn
  • W to boost
  • S to decelerate
  • Space to shoot
  • 7-8-9-0 to upgrade characteristics