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Slasharena com is a great massive multiplayer arena with character upgrades options. Be ready to use your ax a lot to get resources for upgrades of weapons and shields. It's a place for tough guys. The game also offers personal tasks which bring you some points when completed.

How to Play

Every 5 minute new round starts, so your main aim is to win a round. Attack other players to receive XP, bonuses and food. Attacking looks like spinning around with an ax. use mouse click to attack. You can increase rotation speed by moving left and right. Maximum damage is dealt when ax hits youe enemy at maximum speed.

Keep an eye on food and stamina bars. The more you spin the ax, the less stamina remains. The less stamina you have the less damage you can deal to your enemy.


  • WASD to move
  • Mouse click to spin an ax

Slasharena is capable to take a place in the io games leader board. Great graphics + simple rules are the key points for the popularity among users!