Slimecup io

Game aliases:  Slimecupio

Slimecup io description

Slimecup io — Play for free at

Slimecup io is a very nice 3D football. Control is a little bit strange, but kicks of the ball are quite realistic. There are different techniques of kicking the ball: a running start, a kick high into the air, a kick of a flying ball. Atmosphere of the game is very sveet.

How to play

You are controlling the slug; the aim of Slimecup io is to score as many goals as possible to the enemies’ gate. It would be great to cooperate with a partner. One of you can attack, and another one can be the defender, like in real football. Te game can be called a simulator, although there are few players at the moment. However, there are many fans, do you hear them screaming? The game has a nice music.


  • Use WASD to move
  • Use space to jump\to kick