Survive the Day

Game aliases:  survive the day io office io

Survive the Day description

Survive the Day — Play for free at

Survive the Day is a super cute io game.You're going to spend a work day for various characters. The game is both funny and exciting!

How to Play

Your aim in the game to complete tasks for office characters that going to change from time to time. You'll get into the rules very quick: how to move, what to do and what action to perform. This game is a kind of quest.

Tasks are marked with red triangles on the map, but not every time. When Katy enters the rooms,, she has to turn off several PCs. Computers are no marked, monitors are all black. Only some of them glowing, so go to them and switch them off! Survive the Day require some logic and intuition for completing the game tasks.

In case you forgot the current quest you can press T and open a hint with completed and awaiting tasks.

Survive the Day Controls

  • Q, E to zoom in / out
  • T to open tasks dialog
  • Space to interact with objects