Totil Space

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Game aliases:  totil io

Totil Space description

Totil Space — Play for free at

Totil Space is warriors' io fighting arena. You'll fight for golden coins. Coins should be brought to the bank to convert them into points and level-ups.

How to Play

Main aim of the Totil io is to get to the top of the leaderboard. When you're already at first position try to set you personal record.

Where to get coins? There a green dragons shown as pine tree on the minimap, they eliminate coins with time. Coins'll stick to you when you come close to dragon. Next is to get those coins to the bank locations. There 4 on the map. Bank will attract coins automatically and give you points + weapon will get bigger and probably more powerful + some HP regenerates. Weapon will stop upgrading as soon as you get around 50 points. At maximum level you're able to kill newbies with a single touch.

Seems simple by now, yeah? But we didn't mention interaction with other players. You can bother opponents by stealing coins or attacking them. The most damage is dealt to enemy when you hit from back or side.


  • move with mouse
  • double click to accelerate and attack