Xocaro io

Game aliases:  xocaroio gomoku io gomokuio gobang io gobangio five in a row

Xocaro io description

Xocaro io — Play for free at Titotu.io

Xocaro io is a classic Gomoku game (known as Caro in Vietnam). It's a game for two players, the one who puts 5 pieces in a row wins.

How to Play

Your aim in the Gomoku io is to put 5 symbols in one row. The one to do it first wins. The pieces can form a vertical, horizontal or diagonal row.

If you login with your Facebook account you will participate a global rating and have some skins.

Xocaro io has several important rules:

1. only 5 in a row win, not 6 and more (overlines)

Xocaro io

2. the row should not be blocked from either side

Xocaro io

You can play with random players or with a friend. Create a room and send an invitation link to your friend. 5 in a row is one of the most known and popular strategy board games. Play with stronger opponents to improve your skills.

Gomuku io Controls

  • Click to place a symbol


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