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Game aliases:  team craft io teamcraft io team craft online zomcraftio zom craft io

ZomCraft io description

ZomCraft io — Play for free at Titotu.io

ZomCraft io is a 3D survival io game. You may find it similar to some games, but the outstanding graphics makes it unique.

How to Play

You've got a team and your goal is to survive in the wild wild world. At the top left corner you'll find a timer. As soon as it comes to zero the night will come. Zombies and other monsters wake up and rush towards players to kill them. So before the night comes you have to get enough resources, build walls, get weapon and store some food.

Zombies are not the only enemies. There're also other teams in ZomCraft io that may come to kill you too. And not only during night time. Also you can play on your own, if you choose this option you'll not be able to join any team during the game.

Wood is basic resource, get it with Axe (when you hit tree you'll also receive some Food). At the bottom of the screen there's a list of available item. You may use hotkeys 1-5 to switch between them. This items can be arranged in anyway. Next craft PickAxe to be able to mine Stone.

Walls and weapons help to stand against zombies during the night. Expand you fortification by building new Wall and new Floors! Place traps to catch the enemies. And don't forget about your life indicators. If none of one is left you'll begin to lose HP quickly.

ZomCraft Controls

  • WASD to move
  • Click to attack
  • Space to jump
  • 1-5 for quick access to Inventory


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