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Agar Gold description

Agar Gold — Play for free at Titotu.io

Agar Gold is another private Agar io server. The idea is the same. Collect color pellets, grow and fight with other players. Thus if you are a fan of this unbelievable io game you'll probably like it.

How to Play Agar Gold

The main goal of the game is to become the biggest cell in the room. Collect color dots appearing everywhere around to gain the mass. The bigger you are, the more dots you're able to collect. Also you can split to cover more surface for the same purpose. Mind this can be dangerous.

The reason is simple. Another way to gain mass is eating another player that is smaller than you. This means if you split you're (or some of your cells) more likely to be eaten by someone. On the other side smaller cells move faster than bigger ones, so probably you've a chance to escape from your enemies.

After sometime split cells merge into a big one again. You can use Feed function (by pressing E key) to merge the cells without waiting.

Agar Gold Controls

  • Cell follows the pointer
  • E to spit out mass
  • Space to split
  • F to stop moving


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Agar Gold

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