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It is a super aggressive Agario. The game has an amazing chance of customization. You may customize everything you want: all backgrounds, all texts, all frames, and, the most important thing, all skins. Original game is reduced to the fight. You must do your best to win this battle. Destroy the enemies to gain the mass; it is the only way to become bigger. Many fans of io games will enjoy the process!

How to play

The aim of Alis io is to grow the biggest cell and absorb as much mass as possible. You must absorb colored dots on the map and eat other players. There are few dots, so the main way to grow is destroy the enemies. You can absorb the enemy, if his cell is smaller than yours. You will see the difference visually. Moreover, you will see digital indexes of other sizes.

Also, there are prickly circles with the mass index. If your cell is bigger than the circle, don’t try to absorb it. Otherwise, your cell will be broken into dozens of small pieces. But don’t worry; these pieces will join together again very soon.

Main tip in Alis io is when your cell is small, it would be good to stay near a prickly circle and wait. If a bigger enemy runs into this circle and explodes, you may absorb the pieces of his cell. Don’t divide your cell if you are not sure that you will be able to absorb the enemy after the division.


  • The cell follows the mouse
  • Use W to spit out the mass
  • Use the Space to divide your cell


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Alis io

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