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Anomal io description

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When you play Anomal io, it would be good to turn on the music. But, if you are playing at work, please put on the headphones. You will hear animals’ sounds, because the game is devoted to animals. In this game, the players will absorb food, eat each other, belch and fart for speeding up. However, it is an exciting tactic game for survival with a funny background.

How to play

The aim is to receive 1000 scores. So, the game differs from other games of this kind where the process of gaining the mass is endless. So, your pet is running across the map, eating apples, meat and smaller players. Be careful with mushrooms, because they are poisonous. If you eat a mushroom, you will lose your mass. It is possible to take it back, but the enemies may outrun you.

Anomal io is really exciting, because, when you grow bigger, it becomes more difficult to escape from the mushrooms. If you eat a mushroom in order to move forward on the map, somebody can quickly pick your mass and then absorb you. But sometimes it would be good to take a risk.


  • Use WASD to move
  • Use Space to speed up


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Anomal io

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