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Game aliases:  ant war io ants war io

AntWar io description

AntWar io — Play for free at

AntWar io is a new great coop io game by Bombsight Games studio. Create a new colony or join an existing one and help your team to survive

How to Play

The goal of AntWar io is to build a colony, maintain it and defeat all other colonies with queens. When queen is killed the colony is destroyed. One all the queens are killed your team wins.

At the beginning you've 2 options: start a new colony or join an existing one. When you start a new colony you'll be a queen. It's important to find a good spot for further development. It should be near to the food, dark, humid and etc. Note the hint for humid, dry dirt and other locations. When you've found a proper spot double click to start your colony in AntWar io.

Next you've got to grow your colony to make it strong. Communicate with other teammates. Feed your queen. When the Queen is hungry you'll see a white sign above the head. Pick up food (green balls) and bring them to your Queen. Place eggs/larvae/pupae on dark wet dirt and food on light dry dirt underground. Dig for more space and bring dirt outside.

Don't forget AntWar io is a cooperative game. If you want to win make sure you communicate with others and watch the Queen. If the Queen dies the game is over.

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  • Click to move
  • Double click for an action (food picking, attacking and etc)
  • Right click or Down key to toggle command menu
  • Enter to chat


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AntWar io

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