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Game aliases:  Araeio

Arae io description

Arae io — Play for free at

Arae io is a cubic shooter. As a joke or for the sake of art, developers created this game in cubes of different size and colors. The game play is similar to original Trigon io and the Soldiers. You must just upgrade and destroy enemies in order to enter the TOP10. There is a wide range of skills that you may use during the battle. Fans of io shooters will enjoy the game!

How to play

The aim is to enter the TOP and to remain there. To do this, you must efficiently use your skills and shoot well. When you destroy small dark red cubes, you receive experience points that are summed up into the levels. For every level, you receive HP points that are really useful in the battle for the throne.

There is a special system of choosing the skills. On the main page, there are four colored rectangular shapes. These are not skills but access keys 1 – 4. Click any rectangular, and you will see five cards. Five cards and five abilities. You can assign each key a specific ability. You may choose similar abilities, but during the battle they won’t depend on each other. For example, there is Fire Ball on keys 1 and 3. You shoot with a ball from the key 1, switch to the key 3 and then shoot from it. Every ball will have its own cool down. You may try all abilities and choose the most suitable scheme for you.

Arae io is an interesting game and a great shooter. You will enjoy this game. There is nothing to add or to take away. A real io game!


  • WASD to move
  • Click to shoot
  • Keys 1 – 4 to choose an active ability
  • Space to use ability


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Arae io

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