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Arx Arcana io: Dungeon Royale description

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Arx Arcana io is an online io game. An it's an unbelievable fantasy style game. Unique skills and weapons. And of course battle royale mode!

How to Play

Your goal in ArxArcana io is to defeat all the enemies in the game. First of all you choose a location on the map you're going to spawn. You might have noticed yellow dots on the map. Those are artifacts. Spawn near to them and quickly grab additional weapon. With time the playable area is going to shrink, the violet zone is dangerous and deals some damage to you. So get quickly out of there. You'll be forced to move towards the center of the map.

Arx Arcana io to save experience gained and points received. The game worth playing. For game plays and wins you will receive XP and some bonus chests. Chest may contain weapon that's not available on the very first level. Also you may get some new spells or upgrade current ones.

The Arx Arcana io game is quite unique one. Not only weapons and spells are available to use, also you can use animals and elementals to join your army. You may build castles and walls. Use mines and traps. A lot of stuff!


  • WASD to move
  • Click to attack
  • Num key + click to use special power
  • Right click on an item in inventory to drop it


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Arx Arcana io: Dungeon Royale

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