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Astroe io is a game about space and space battles. It is a game of a very high quality. It is a little bit similar to the tank game You must fly, destroy objects on the map, gain experience and upgrade. There are some minor faults, but still it is a game with good prospects for future. So, it is worth playing anyway.

How to play

The aim is to upgrade. To do this, shoot at every object you see. When you destroy asteroids and other spaceships, yellow dots fall out from them. Collect them to receive HP. Use HP to upgrade your properties (in the bottom left-hand corner). Moreover, every two minutes you receive extra HP. The volume of extra HP depends on the success of your team.

Astroe io is a team game. In the upper part of the screen you see the number of your spaceships and the number of your enemies’ spaceships. They are also visible on a mini map. Circles on the map are the Bases. When you destroy them, you get a huge amount of HP. But Bases resist by means of a sharp fire, and it’s really difficult to escape from their bullets. In order to take a Base, team with somebody.

Also, squares with bonuses are located in different places of the map. You may improve your health, improve the damage or become invisible. To be successful, collect them.


  • WASD, to move
  • A mouse, to shoot
  • Space or the right click, to speed up

Spaceship characteristics

  • Main engine power
  • Directional engine
  • Blaster damage
  • Blaster fire rate
  • Bullet speed
  • Max health
  • Autorepair rate

There are many io games about space. We recommend you to check out two of them: epic and thought-out Star Wars and the shooter


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Astroe io

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