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Game aliases:  BattleGolf Online

Battle Golf Online description

Battle Golf Online — Play for free at

Battle golf online is a real golf battle! You should get your ball into the hole faster than your opponent. The one who first scores 5 points wins. Not an true io game, but still great multiplayer.

How to Play Battle Golf Online

The main goal of the game is to score 5 balls. Holes change every turn, some times it's easy to win, but sometimes it's not that easy :)

The game suggests 3 modes: online multiplayer, second one is pvp local multiplayer and the last one is a game against AI. Click first to choose an angle and click second time to define the power of hit. No limit for balls, so just keep trying!

Tips & Tricks

There're 2 tricks to win the Gold Battle. First is you can hit the ball even if there's no hole yet. It will appear in a second, but you already have a change to score the point. Second one is to knock out the opponents by hitting the ball into his head!

Note the MINI GAMES icon. Clicking on it will open a secret level. The main goal is to score 5 headshots. Each turn your position will change.

Battle Golf Online


  • First click to choose the angle
  • Second click to choose the power


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Battle Golf Online

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