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Game aliases:  batlz club batlz club io

Battlz Club description

Battlz Club — Play for free at

Battlz Club is an io game with original plot. You fight with other players to get their souls. Each kill (soul) gives you XP points that might be used for leveling up.

How to Play

The Battlz Club is all about it's members, and how experienced each fighter is. Members advance in rank by gaining experience. Members can gain experience from gathering souls and by completing missions. To do either, members must engage in combat with other members. Members must knock other members into the fireballs in order to defeat them and collect their soul.

Soul Streaks

Souls are dropped by members when they die. If another member is responsible for their death, the soul will be rewarded to that member, otherwise it will stay where the member died, for another member to pick up. Each soul collected grants experience points used for ranking up. The higher a members current kill streak, the more experience that will be awarded when a new soul is collected. Members that are able to show their skill by getting bigger kill streaks will advance in rank faster, as they are more skilled and deserve higher recognition in the club.

Battlz Club Controls

  • left click to attack
  • right click to dash


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Battlz Club

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