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Beebee io description

Beebee io — Play for free at Titotu.io

Beebee io is one of the cutest io games ever! Play for a child, eat good food, grow and be fast enough to avoid other players.

How to Play

The only goal of Baby io is to eat as much as you can (babies always eat and sleep aren't they? :) to grow big and strong! Also you mush be very careful if you step on a banana peel or into poop the game is over. The more food you eat the bigger your child is and the harder it's to control the child.

You don't interact with other player directly in Beebee io. You can leave a kind of trap (poop). After that you'll dash for a second so be careful. If another player gets into your "trap", he is out of the game! This feature becomes available after you've eater 40 food.

After respawn you don't start from the very beginning and keep some of previously eaten food.

Baby io Controls

  • Child follows the mouse
  • Click to dash and leave a "bomb"


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Beebee io

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