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Game aliases:  bifrost ga bifrostio befrost io

Bifrost io description

Bifrost io — Play for free at

Bifrost io is a multiplayer io game. Looks a bit like Facepuch io and the game with similar gameplay: fight and upgrade.

How to Play

Your goal in Bifrost io is to upgrade your characte, get to the top of the leaderboard and try no to die :) As soon as you kill first opponent you'll be offered to choose one of 3 characters. Each has own specific skills and abilities. Play for each at least once to understand which one you prefer more.

The only weapon you have in Bifrost io is an ax. Click to throw, click once again to get it back. While ax is away you are weaponless and rather vulnerable. An ax can go trough the whole map, so you can look at minimap an throw ax at red dots direction ;) It's a bit risky but funny.


  • Mouse to move
  • Click to throw ax, another click to get ax back


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Bifrost io

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