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Bighero is a classic io game. You can treat this game as an update of Goons io with a couple of features added.

How to Play

You goal in Bighero io is to get maximum points (it's a classic game, remember?)/ You receive points for killing other players and monsters (drops). The main advantage of such io games is that the player that just entered the game has the same chances to win as the leader of the game.

Color drops in the game affect the length of your weapon. At the left corner you may see length indicator. 100% is the maximum length. It should be obvious that the longer is your weapon the stronger you're. Collect drop spread on the map and left after dead players.

Except the player Big Hero io contains AI mobs in the shape of drops, they attack you. If drop hits you, you get frozen. Also you will meet the big dude mob that gives tons of boosters when killed.

Magnet booster attracts color drops and other pick ups. Booster with sword boosts attack speed (quite useful). Boot increases movement speed. Use bonuses and be careful all the time.


  • Hero follows the mouse
  • D to dash
  • Click to attack


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Bighero io

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