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Game aliases:  bitersio bite io

Biters io description

Biters io — Play for free at

Biters io is a great 2D battle from the creators of MOBG io. Cute characters, original battle gameplay and even cookies! The game will make your day!

How to Play

Core goal of Biters io is to grow up the biggest and strongest monster ever. Eat cookies and fight the other players to receive points. The bigger you become the more painful your bites are. Anyway don't get relaxed because even big monster can be defeated at any moment.

There're 2 indicators in Biters io. Green stays for XP and blue for booster level. With a right click you can perform a big bite with is very harmful and can be used on a long range. Drink water to restore blue indicator. Eat cookies for XP.

Also you may come across golden cubes with egg image on it. Inside the egg you'll find an image particle. When you collect the whole picture you'll receive a new SKIN! You don't lose this particles when you die and it's good.

Biters io Controls

  • Monster follows the cursor
  • Click to attack
  • Right click for a big bite


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Biters io

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