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Game aliases:  diablo io

Blackmass io description

Blackmass io — Play for free at

Blackmass io is an MMORPG io game inspired by legendary Diablo. You'll have to kill monsters, get XP and kill even more monsters.

How to Play Blackmass io

Main goal of the game is to level up via gaining XP by killing monsters. Be careful with monsters because in case you die there's no check points to restore the game.

You've got to signup to get access to the game. Just enter email & password. No need for email confirmation. Then you have ti pick one of available characters: Mage, Rogue and Warrior. Each has it own role specific tree of skills. Means you'll be able to use only items intended for use by this character. Killing monsters you'll receive skill points and upgrade skill by you choice.

sBlackmass io

  • Warrior is the strongest character. If you keep upgrading Regeneration and Armor skills only the enemies will be able to deal almost invisible damage.
  • Rogue is a kind of helper character. He can heal and remains invisible for enemies
  • Mage is able to cast spell, but has rather weak health

Killed monster may drop a chest with item. Press Z key nearby to open the chest and check what's inside. Drag item to inventory with right click. If item is not identified you'll have to right click on it to get more info. The further you go in Blackmass io the more stronger monsters you'll meet and more valuable items they'll drop.

Use chat to talk to other players.


  • WASD to move
  • C - open character info dialog
  • I - open inventory dialog
  • T - open skills tree dialog
  • Right click to identify an item
  • Left click to attack


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Blackmass io

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