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Game aliases:  Blobieio

Blobie io description

Blobie io — Play for free at

Blobie io is considered to be a classic io game (yeah, there's already old classics of io games). This means clear and simple rules and furious multiplayer gameplay with hundreds of online players.

How to Play Blobie io

Main goal of the game is to get crown of the leader. It's simple, the one who gets the most points becomes the king. Absorb color dots on arena and destroy your enemies to score points. The more points you get the longer is your spear and it's easier to kill opponents.

On the other hand the stronger you're the more players will try to kill you. This is because killer gets some percent of score of killed playe, means the bigger you're the more points your enemies can get out of you :) Killing the King is the privilege of the noble players.

While attacking with spear you become vulnerable because you can't move for a moment. Click while throwing a spear to pull it back. Short range attacks are the most effective in Blobie io.

Also don't forget about acceleration and awesome skins!

Blobie io skins

Blobie io Controls

  • use mouse to move
  • click to throw spear / pull spear back
  • Space for boosting


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Blobie io

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