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Game aliases:  blockyroyale io blockyroyaleio minecraft royale io

Blocky Royale io description

Blocky Royale io — Play for free at

Blocky Royale io is a battle royale with minecraft styled graphics. The gameplay remains almost the same.

How to Play

Goal of the game is to survive. Wait for round to start and find weapon when countdown begins. Each round lasts till the last player. After 2 minutes game area begins to shrink.

Weapons are generally empty, so you've to get ammo. There're 2 types: yellow and blue ammos. Each is appropriate for corresponding weapon. Also you may find med kits. Use them to restore your health level.

In general Blocky Royale io might be quite exciting, especially if developers keep it updating :)

Blocky Royale io Controls

  • WASD or arrows to move
  • Left click to shoot
  • 1 for melee
  • 2 for primary weapon
  • 3 for secondary weapon
  • 4 for small med kit
  • 5 for big med kit
  • Mouse scroll for item switch
  • F to pickup ammo / weapon


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Blocky Royale io

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