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Game aliases:  innerspace guardians

Bodyguards io description

Bodyguards io — Play for free at

Bodyguards io is a fight against viruses and bacteria for the live of the human. Either you win and the human recovers from diseases or viruses win and the human dies. In this case you'll have to start over again.

How to Play Bodyguards io

The game is cooperative, so the only goal is to help the immune system to fight the viruses. You've got to kill them all or at least keep their level low. It's hardly possible to win the game on your own, you should play in team of 2-3 players.

Click the virus to kill it, simply keep button pressed and kill then one by one. Viruses affect the health level of the human, so to restore it go the heart and pump some blood. Be sure to control every part of the body because viruses can appear in unexpected parts.

The game is kind of funny and quick, try to save the human! Restore the faith in humanity!


  • Click to move, attack and perform actions


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Bodyguards io

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