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Game aliases:  Bomber world io

Bomberworld io description

Bomberworld io — Play for free at

Bomberworld io is a Sega Bomberarena io or Gameofbombs simplified to the level of Dandy games. However, the game has a right to exist and some people will enjoy it. Bomberworld is a very simple game. You explode brick walls, collect boosters to increase the power of explosion, the speed and number of the bombs available. You may also explode other gamers to have fun and to receive scores. When the last brick on the map is exploded, you will start a new game, but the scores are saved and accumulated, from one game to another one.

How to play

You may register in the game or play as a guest, it is no difference. It is interesting to play in big teams, in pairs and small groups. You must install the bomb, go away and wait until the bomb is exploded. Explosion breaks down the wall and discovers useful boosters that increase the length of the blast wave, the number of bombs you may install, your speed and your bombs’ opportunity to generate chain reaction from the explosion. One of the aims is to kill other players with explosion and receive scores. If you are exploded, you lose 1 point but the game is going on.


Use the pointer to move
Space to install the bomb


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Bomberworld io

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