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Brofist io — Play for free at Titotu.io

Brofist is an io game where you can't make a step without help of your bro. One of the most unique io games we have. No download required! Let us give you a short review.

How to Play

Brofist is a kind of puzzle and platformer. You should solve the puzzle to pass to a next level. Check points are marked with red flags. You can return to a previous checkpoint by pressing Ctrl. The gameplay totally depends on other players. You CAN NOT pass the game on you own. You should help other and other players will help you. Use in-game chat to communicate. To say something just begin typing, press enter to send.

Game modes

Brofist has 2 main modes:

  1. 2 Player Adventure
  2. Hide and Seek
  3. Guess the word

2 Player Adventure is puzzle solving with a mate (see above for more). Hide and Seek is a bit different. At the beginning of the game some players selected for hiding, the others for seeking. Seekers join the game some time afters hiders. The goal is for seekers to find all the players who've hid. Seekers move 3x faster, so escaping from them is hardly possible. Very funny mode indeed!

Guess the word is a word guessing game. If you like this kind of games we advise you to try these ones: Guessing io and Let's Draw it


  • keypads to move
  • enter to chat
  • ctrl to return to a previous check point


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Brofist io

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