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BrutalMania io description

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BrutalMania io is an online fighting io game. You might see previously games with the same gameplay, but this one looks more cruel than any other!

How to Play

Your goal in BrutalMania io is to domniate the arena and keep the leading position till someone else will kill your. For killing other players you will receive XP points, gold and a bit of HP. At the bottom of the screen you may see health indicator.

Brutal Mania io is a great battle, just gegt prepared and choose a club. For the received gold you can buy new skins and weapon in the shop. Weapons deal various damage and also have different cooldown time.

Besides brutal straight fighting you can have a kind of tactics. The right click enables sppeding booster so you can chase the enemy and attack him, or get away if someone tries to kill you. Booster also has some limit and restored when in rest. So from time to time make sure you have a rest and enough level of booster to be used in any dangerous occasion.


  • Mouse to move
  • Click for attack
  • Right click to boost


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BrutalMania io

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