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BuildRoyale io description

BuildRoyale io — Play for free at

BuildRoyale io is a compilation of classic battle royale shooter with mining & crafting options. So you can do both mine & build some defense structures and fight with other players in this io game

How to Play

Your goal in BuildRoyale io is to win the game = kill all other players (or let them die themselves). You have a pickaxe that can be used to mie one of 3 main resources:

  • wood
  • stone (bricks)
  • metal

These are used to build walls. Press Q to enter the building mode and Right click to change the material. This option didn't look quite useful because you get shot before finishing the walls.

BuildRoyale io

Instead of collecting resources in BuildRoyale io and building useless wall it's more meaningful to find a weapon and ammo. Press E/F to pick up and 1-6 to choose the active weapons. Look for enemies and don't forget that it's a battle royale and play area shrinks every N seconds.

Bild io Controls

  • WASD to move
  • E/F to pick up
  • Q to toggle Build mode
  • Right click to change material
  • Click to shoot / gather resource


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BuildRoyale io

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