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Game aliases:  Capmanio

Capman io description

Capman io — Play for free at

Capman = Pacman. The games are identical. It is an old good Pacman from old good times when nobody heard about the Internet. You must eat dots and escape from monsters. You don’t battle with other players. If you take a pill, you become invulnerable and really dangerous for the monsters for some time. You may choose the color of your character, the hat and the phrase that is spoken when you kill the monster.

How to play

The aim of Capman is to receive as many scores as possible. You must eat yellow coins and kill the monsters. When you receive 1000 scores, you get an extra life. Then you will get an extra life for 10 000 scores. If you break the world record, you name will be written on the leaders’ board together with the flag of the country you are playing for.

It is a friendly game. You don’t battle with other players, only for the food, because everybody wants to be the fastest eater. But the monsters can eat you. If you take a pill, you can eat the monster. He will respawn in a couple of seconds, but far away from you.


  • Use WASD or the cursor to move
  • Use M to turn on/turn off the music


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Capman io

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