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Game aliases:  Carboomio car boom io

Carboom io description

Carboom io — Play for free at

Carboom io is designed by the developers of 3D Sky arena. It is also a 3D game and the graphics is also cute, it’s interesting to explore the game territory. Moreover, you have a great chance to shoot and battle with other gamers. The natural obstacles, such as trees and stones, influence the shooting. The landscape also has some peculiarities. Dark spots on the map stand for the hills that are impenetrable for the enemy.

How to play

The aim is to kill all the enemies. Even if you are destroyed, your machine is being upgraded and is acquiring various improvements. These improvements help to fight, but a fresh gamer plays on a par with the experienced one. It is a great advantage of io games, including this one.

In the Carboom io, the bombs are flying until they run into an obstacle or another gamer. On the map, the enemies are shown with small arrows. So, you may shoot in the chased small arrow, even if the enemy is invisible. It is possible that, at the moment of your meeting, your enemy will be weak and vulnerable.


  • WASD to move
  • Click to shoot
  • All special skills are activated automatically


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Carboom io

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