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Cartoon Strike description

Cartoon Strike — Play for free at

Does Cartoon Strike sounds familiar to you? Yes it is! It's a cartoon version of Counter Strike game. Now available as an io game. Nice mod, very nice mod.

How to Play

The main goal of the Cartoon Strike is pretty simple. Kill'em all till the bell tolls (till the end of the round :)) At the beginning you choose a server location, choose the nearest one to you to make sure you'll play without lags and choose the server out of available you like most. Then choose side to play for (counter-terrorists or terrorists) and join.

You can buy a weapon in game by pressing B key. Primary weapon, secondary weapon and additional stuff. Most of weapons are available for no charge. The only thing is you lose all the weapons when shot and have to re-equip again.

The maps in Cartoon Strike are actual art with a lot of details. If you got shot by sniper the cam shows you where sniper hides, so take a grenade launcher and get him out of a game!

During the game there's no restriction for switching the team you play for and skin updates.

Cartoon Strike Controls

  • WASD to move
  • Shift to accelerate
  • Click to shoot
  • B to open store
  • Esc - return to menu
  • Tab to open game stats


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Cartoon Strike

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