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Game aliases:  catmouseio cat mouse io cats vs mouse io cats vs mice io tom and jerry io

CatMouse io description

CatMouse io — Play for free at

CatMouse io game is a classic endless Agar io styled battle between cats and mice. Collect food intended for your specie and grow bigger your army.

How to Play

Cat Mouse io is just similar to Agar io with some major differences. First of all it's a team game. Before you press "Play" you should select a team you want to play for. Players of your side are kind of your friends, you may try to team with them for more efficient play.

Next you have to collect the food that's right for your animal (cat or mouse). Attack by holding left mouse button and directing your soldiers to the enemy. While pressing and holding the right mouse button the soldiers of the same size merge into one big fighter. Another difference of CatMouse io is that your soldiers are not absorbed immediately by the bigger soldier, they start fighting.

On the minimap at right bottom corner of the screen you'll see the other players and the type of their character, as well as their size, be careful!

CatMouse io Controls

  • Mouse to move
  • Left click to attack
  • Right click to merge soldiers


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CatMouse io

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