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Game aliases:  Celestiaio

Celestia io description

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Celestia io is a combination of Agario and a shooter. You are controlling the star. The star is flying on a map of the cosmic scale, picks dots of the mass and shoots at the enemies with this mass. When you spit out the mass, it becomes red. Then, the star substance becomes cold and turns into usual dots of the mass. Try to pick this mass immediately, otherwise your enemies will do it. When the mass is hot, it can kill the enemy. The tactics of the game is based on this feature. Control is really simple, but tense and dynamic battles make the game hot and exciting.

How to play

The smaller is your star, the easier it can be destroyed. If you have just entered Celestia io, you may die even if you just touch the hot mass. So, the main aim is to pick dots and escape from bigger players.

When you enter the battle in Celestia io, remember that, when you spit out the mass, the mass flies away after some time. The player who was the first to start shooting, is likely to win. So, try to make the first shot. Anyway, if the enemy escapes, hot mass will become cold, and you will take it back immediately. Remember: if the enemy shoots at you, you may speed up, then turn around and pick his cold “bullets”. But it is a very dangerous maneuver. The game is reallystylish. It is worth playing. Moreover, Top results are saved on the server for the day, for the week and for the month. It is a great pleasure when your se your own nick there! By the way, if you like the star topic and the games similar to Agario, try a super 3D game Langor io. There you will also see flying stars fighting with each other, but it is another version of this topic. And if you would like to play the most serious game, we recommend you to try legendary Mope io.


  • The star follows the cursor of the mouse
  • Use Space to speed up
  • Make a click to spit out the mass


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Celestia io

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