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Game aliases:  Cellzio Celz io Cells io cell io cellio

Cellz io description

Cellz io — Play for free at

Cellz io is nice Agar io game. Grow your that big so it doesn't fit inside the screen! Another io game on Titotu!

How to Play

Your Goal in Cellz io is to grow the cell as big as possible and try to become the biggest one in the game. At the beginning accumulate the mass by absorbing color dots. As soon as you're big enough to absorb the smaller enemies go and do it. Also you can stay close to a big players, it's dangerous, but a quick way to receive a lot of mass.

Press Space to split into smaller cells in Cellz io. When you're made of many little cells, press W to make the one. Splitting is good for attacking other players, but small cells are more vulnerable, so it's reasonable to collect them together after attack.

Anyway if you feel tired of Agario clones, try recent BuildRoyale io game!


  • Cell follows the mouse
  • Space to split
  • W to merge cells into one


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Cellz io

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